Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm flying to Melbourne tomorrow - hopefully some of yesterday's 250 bushfires have receded. There I'll be eating evil but delicious things, looking at gardens, hanging out with my family, reading at lots of schools, rummaging in bookshops and antique stores, having afternoon tea, picking up the kids from school, cheering at basketball games ("What's that noise?" asked one of Conor's team-mates last time I was there - "That's my aunty"), bushfire-proofing my little place in the country, launching the new book, driving nonchalantly past my dream house to make sure all is in order, and possibly not blogging.
But someone's emailed to complain that the podcast of the interview with Radio NZ's Lyn Freeman has moved. The new link is here.
Oh Lord, I'd better pack. Ciao.

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