Saturday, October 07, 2006

Crying shame

Can't blog. Too busy laughing my head off at Brian Viner's Tales of the Country. Sobbed with laughter so much last night my girlfriend feared for my sanity. Perhaps not for the first time.
Off to the Pink Star Walk tonight around the Domain - a breast cancer foundation charity/education event.
You have to wear pink. And fairy wings.
My girlfriend is a "wing judge" and she seems to have somehow channelled Anna Wintour and found herself a "wing slave" amongst the staff at work who whipped up a set covered in plastic flowers from a lei and large pink jewels. Outrageous.
Nobody told me you had to wear pink until after I'd registered. Red might be the best I can do.


Judith said...

Kelly! You were in Sydney and didn't get in touch? Shame on you!

One of my students helped organise the Pink Star Walk: he works for the events management company that organised it (gratis, I understand).

Congratulations on the new book, by the way.


Kelly G said...

Never! I was in the Auckland version.

And thanks.