Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Distractions from writing

- Blogging
- Coffee
- Books
- More books
- Staring into space
- Researching obscure historical details
- Lunch
- Corinne Bailey Rae
- Email
- Deciding which book to write today
- Deciding everything I've written this morning is crap
- Deciding everything I've written this morning is so brilliant I may as well stop and have a coffee to celebrate
- Web surfing
- Chooks
- The Secrets of World War 2 on the History Channel
- Gallipoli on the History Channel
- Poring over the History Channel programme
- Dishwashing (but only in emergencies)
- Trying not to eat chocolate

This morning I have had the blinding realisation that it might be better to actually write something, instead of getting so carried away with complicated research matters that I forget where I started and where I meant to be.
And so I am. This is my lunch break. Honest.

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