Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bookworm style

Oh, I've clearly always been on the cutting edge of style.
Decorating With Books, by Marie Proeller Hueston, contributing editor at Country Living magazine, is reviewed today at Publishers' Weekly: it "demonstrates how a display or library of books can enhance the look of almost every room in your home ... and add color and texture to a space."
Hueston encourages readers to keep books "stacked on an ottoman, piled on the floor, lined up on a bench, or ... draped over a ladder," in addition to keeping books "confined to shelves and tabletops ..."
You see? It's not an obsession, or even absent-mindedness - it's style.
The review goes on to discuss Hueston's methods of "judging books by their covers, as it were - as objet d'art, without regard to content."
How fabulous.
I might spend the next week rearranging the house. I see the error of my ways. Rather than organise books by genre and then alphabetically, I should have them sorted by colour.
(Yes, you may sneer, I hear you say, but you'd love that book and will snap it up at the next Dymock's sale.)

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