Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This week in books

I'm reading at seven libraries this week, as part of the kids' holiday program. Here are a few of the highlights, all of which, of course, come from the audience - much more interesting than the author:
- Where's Anthony Browne?
- Don't be stupid. Girls aren't pirates.
[and then, following assurances of historical fact, "That's not even true."]
- Nana, I love you ["I love you, too," said Nana from the rear of the room, "now sit down and listen to the story".]
- What's that great big thing on your head? [It's a mole. And it's coming off next week, but thanks for pointing it out.]
- Are you Margaret Mahy?
- Pirates are really ugly, aren't they?
- I'll swab the deck. That sounds good. What's swab?
- No, let's not read that book. Let's read a different book.
- They better not feed ME to the sharks. I'd just eat those sharks right up.
- How do you find the pirate treasure?
- Can you read three more books? OK, two. And then another one.
(That's all quite apart from the girl who asked if I used to wear my eye patch when I was a pirate)
We've made treasure maps and pirate hats, we've dressed up, we've even played pin the parrot on the pirate's posterior, we've eaten quite a bit of treasure, and we've read pirate stories until we're hoarse.

Now we need a cup of tea and a good lie down.

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