Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cross, hot buns

Today I went into a bookshop to see if my book was there. It was. Sitting on the shelf between Maurice Gee and Sally Gardner. Right there. Did I mention it was on the shelf? In a bookshop. A proper bookshop.
Just like a really truly book.

(Then I had to buy a copy of Kay Thompson's Eloise. I always wanted a copy of Eloise. It makes me laugh out loud.)

Anyway, from the sublime to the rollicking, my book's being launched next Thursday, 20 April, at Jabberwocky children's bookstore in Mt Eden, Auckland.

In the meantime, I'm away in Taranaki for a few days over the Easter break, eating chocolate and buns and probably sneaking into bookshops. Just to look. Maybe I'll do a little subtle reshelving while I'm there.

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